D. M. (Verified Patient) May 03, 2019
Dr. KOERS and his staff are truly professional and very well organized. It’s always a pleasure to visit them.

G. G. (Verified Patient) Apr 30, 2019
Great medical care. Very personable and helpful staff. Highly recommend using Dr Koers for your optometry needs

M. O. (Verified Patient) Apr 17, 2019
Always grateful to be in such kind and skillful hands! Thank you for your wonderful work!!!

K. F. (Verified Patient) Apr 04, 2019
I always get excellent professional service at Vision Boutique. Dr Koers and his staff never make me wait and helped me decide on a specific laser treatment that produced excellent results. Who can complain wih 20/15 vision

R. P. (Verified Patient) Apr 02, 2019
Very thorough and professional visit.

E. W. (Verified Patient) Mar 20, 2019
I am a very happy customer for well over 10 years now.

J. W. (Verified Patient) Mar 20, 2019
I can’t imagine receiving better eye/vision care than at vision boutique. Dale is so thorough and caring. Simply the best.

K. H. (Verified Patient) Mar 05, 2019
Thanks for the excellent professional care.

B. F. (Verified Patient) Mar 04, 2019
I have felt most welcomed on both of my appointments so far. Dr. Koers radiates confidence and good knowledge of the eyes and its workings. He has access to up to date, state of the art equipment. His office personnel is knowledgeable and efficient. I would recommend this group to others.

T. F. (Verified Patient) Mar 04, 2019
Professional, comprehension and knowledgeable staff. Would highly recommend establishment to others. Shopping center parking is a negative.

D. J. (Verified Patient) Feb 14, 2019
Doctor was very pleasant and knowledgeable. Office technology was impressive

K. C. (Verified Patient) Jan 30, 2019
Dr Koers and his assistants are very thorough, very professional and very pleasant to work. I can confidently recommend Vision Boutique.

A. E. (Verified Patient) Jan 21, 2019
Dr. Kors is very through and explains everything really well. His staff is friendly and very helpful!

F. K. (Verified Patient) Dec 14, 2018
Excellent as usual! Glad to see Dr. Koers once every year for eye exam.

K. F. (Verified Patient) Dec 07, 2018
It’s always a pleasure to have an appointment here. Dr Koers always explains what is going on with my eyes in terms that I as a scientist can easily understand. The staff is always friendly and efficient

D. O. (Verified Patient) Nov 14, 2018
Thank you for being the best and taking such good care of me! I Feel lots of gratitude I found you in San Diego.

M. M. (Verified Patient) Oct 30, 2018
Had last minute problem With something in my Eye! Dr Kors. Got me right in and as worked with me to Resolve The Problem! Thank You so Much! Maria Mancinelli!

W. D. (Verified Patient) Oct 23, 2018
I was very pleased by the entire process. The technical capabilities of the office were impressive. The staff and doctor were professional, efficient, and pleasant. They took the time to explain the procedures and results in a clear and concise manner. Would highly recommend the staff and Dr. Koers.

M. O. (Verified Patient) Oct 22, 2018
Always great visiting with you. My eyes are feeling better after following your recommendations. Thank you!!

D. W. (Verified Patient) Oct 10, 2018
Absolutely, I would rate Dr Koers and his staff as a 5+++. Dr Koers is the BEST optometrist EVER. He has treated my eyes for over 15 years and always listens snd knows exactly what to do to give me the best vision possible for my eyes. I would highly recommend Dr. Koers and his office for all your vision needs.

S. C. (Verified Patient) Sep 25, 2018
You guys are always great!! And thanks for rescheduling my appt so you could all get out at 4 pm instead of having to see me then

S. K. (Verified Patient) Aug 23, 2018
I always enjoy my visit with Dr Koers and his staff. They’re always friendly, efficient, knowledgeable and on time.

K. L. (Verified Patient) Aug 22, 2018
My experience was excellent. Dr Koers took the time to explain the results of the various tests and patiently answers all of my questions. I would like to thank him for the generous discount he gave me. It was very much appreciated. I was also grateful for the help the front office gal gave me in picking out frames. I am sorry I can’t remember her name

D. C. (Verified Patient) Aug 10, 2018
Dr. Koers is amazing. He takes his time with you and explains everything. You never feel rushed. Very thorough exam. Great office staff!

T. V. (Verified Patient) Jul 25, 2018
I have been seeing Dr Koers for years! I think he does an excellent job, very professional and runs an excellent establishment!

B. S. (Verified Patient) Jul 06, 2018
I greatly appreciate the fact that Dr Koers always takes the time to explain exam results and treatment options in a patient and intelligent manner.

K. M. (Verified Patient) Jun 18, 2018
Dr.Koers is the very best! And I say that as an eye surgeon. I trust him completely, and recommend him to all. He and his excellent team at Vision Boutique truly care! Kemp Massengill, MD

S. L. (Verified Patient) Jun 15, 2018
Both girls were extremely helpful and professional! Dr. Koers always thorough and knowledgeable with patience to explain all going on with my eyesight! Steve

R. S. (Verified Patient) May 30, 2018
The optometrist is so fun and interesting and makes things comfortable. I enjoyed doing the tests, they were fun. Everything went so smoothly and I really appreciated how comfortable the staff made me feel there.

B. T. (Verified Patient) Apr 27, 2018
I always enjoy seeing Dr Koers. I learn something new from him each time I visit. He takes the time to answer questions and explain things to me thoroughly, and I always find it very educational and interesting.

M. P. (Verified Patient) Apr 18, 2018
The one part i did not appreciate was being called Ma’am. If you have my chart in front of you then call me by my name. To repeatedly call me ma’am – she might have said “hey old lady”. I don’t know anyone who likes to be called ma’am. Other than that, the service was great.

J. W. (Verified Patient) Apr 16, 2018
Vision boutique is simply the best. Dr Dale Koers is so thorough and professional. He had me seeing better than ever.

P. M. (Verified Patient) Apr 16, 2018
Vision Boutique staff are both personable and professional. I would highly recommend them. The atmosphere is always friendly.

E. L. (Verified Patient) Jan 22, 2018
Dr. Koers and his staff are extremely well trained and knowledgeable. They answer every question and provide excellent eye care. Highly recommend this doctor.

F. U. (Verified Patient) Nov 17, 2017
The staff was friendly and professional. They listened to my concerns, answered my questions, and told me what to expect. Dr Koers had a pleasant demeanor and gave recommendations that made sense given my vision and lifestyle. I appreciated that he did not try to push products or services that I didn’t need.

J. S. (Verified Patient) Nov 15, 2017
Always a very pleasant and relaxing experience. Front desk assistants are very helpful and respectful. Dr. Koers explains each process he is going to perform. I always look forward to my yearly eye exam.

C. D. (Verified Patient) Oct 06, 2017
I was very impressed with all three associates I interacted with, including the doctor, who were all very friendly and pro-active in helping me select the right glasses for my new prescription.

K. S. (Verified Patient) Oct 04, 2017
Everybody was very polite. It is always a pleasure to go have my checkup there. The doctor is really good at explaining everything.

E. C. (Verified Patient) Sep 30, 2017
always a great experience! Dr. Koers spends a lot of time with me during each appointment. He explains exactly what he is doing at each step. He has a warm and caring personality which always makes me feel at ease during my appointment. His staff is great too!

C. R. (Verified Patient) Sep 19, 2017
I appreciate that I don’t have to wait to be seen. I show up at my appointment time and I’m seen right away.

S. C. (Verified Patient) Sep 12, 2017
Every time I come to Vision Boutique I am treated very well and everyone is very respectable and knowledavle and I always get lot of time with Dr Koers. I would highly recommend Vision Boutique to anyone needing Eye care and glasses and contact lenses

S. E. (Verified Patient) Jun 21, 2017
Always a pleasure at this office. Very well run & Dr. Koers takes his time and share his knowledge, and I appreciate that.

B. A. (Verified Patient) Jun 21, 2017
Everyone was very kind and helpful, and I felt that they had my health, rather than profits, in mind.

C. C. (Verified Patient) May 19, 2017
Everyone was very courteous and prompt. Its always a pleasure to get my eyes examined here.

J. M. (Verified Patient) May 03, 2017
I feel so grateful for having Dr. Koers as my eye doc. I’ve had some unusual issues for the past few months, and Dr. Koers has been there for me in an attempt to figure out exactly what the problem is. His experience and expertise has made all the difference in pinpointing the issue and path to resolution. I feel confident that my condition will properly addressed.

B. T. (Verified Patient) Apr 28, 2017
The staff is friendly, and Dr Koers is always friendly. I learn something new every time I see him.

L. A. (Verified Patient) Mar 24, 2017
Thank you, Dr. Koers was great, gave a thorough examination and treated me with respect – you’d think that would be a given, but it’s not, so I thought it was just as important to show appreciation for it as well. Great humor and kindness as well, and I’ll be returning if I end up in SD long-term!

G. G. (Verified Patient) Mar 23, 2017
Great visit. I feel like my eyes are very well examined. Having a multi-year relationship with Dr Koers makes my yearly exams feel like a special time with a friend.

G. M. (Verified Patient) Mar 22, 2017
My eye examination was the most thorough that I have ever experienced!!

L. D. (Verified Patient) Feb 06, 2017
Awesome experience. Super friendly, on time and addressed all my eye care needs! Thanks, I look forward to working with you.

E. C. (Verified Patient) Jan 30, 2017
I appreciated the friendly culture the office provided from check in to check out. For my first eye exam the ladies were so friendly and walked me through making me feel comfortable! Lovely experience.

E. K. (Verified Patient) Jan 27, 2017
All aspects of my experience were better than expected. The front desk staff(Emily) was professional, knowledgeable, prepared, cheerful, and efficient. Couldn’t ask for anything better. Dr. Koers was the same and furthermore took the time to thoroughly explain answers to my questions in terms that I could understand. I have been seeing vision care professionals since I was six years old, and my recent experience with Vision Boutique tops the list–not a bad standing for almost 50 years of personal data.

K. C. (Verified Patient) Jan 24, 2017
The service and professionalism were excellent (as usual) from my interaction with the assistants to Dr Koers. I would highly recommend

R. D. (Verified Patient) Nov 11, 2016
The eye exam was thorough and professional. However I was under the impression that the exam would be no charge due to my insurance cover. Turned out I had to pay for two additional eye tests.. It would’ve been great if that was told to me upfront. Nevertheless the money was not an issue but would be nice to have known upfront. Great job and thank you for the eye exam. Rick

D. S. (Verified Patient) Oct 27, 2016
Thank you! The entire office staff is knowledgeable and amazing! Super friendly service!

E. C. (Verified Patient) Sep 21, 2016
Always a pleasure to see Dr. Koers for my annual eye exam. He’s very thorough! And Summer is so helpful in picking out new glasses for me. She always knows exactly what will look best on my face.

S. T. (Verified Patient) Sep 01, 2016
Excellent, professional eye care by Dr.Koers. Trained, experienced front office help by Ms.Summer. A great place to confidently have eye exams and find beautiful, quality eyeglasses.

R. R. (Verified Patient) Aug 31, 2016
Super friendly staff, very accomodating, flexible & understanding. DR Kohrs professionalism & thoroughness remains invaluable. Awesome customer service provided by all. Thank you Vision Boutique!

G. W. (Verified Patient) Aug 29, 2016
My experience was exceptional. I was able to ask questions and I felt the Doctor took his time with me. The staff are professional and courteous and kind.