Blue Light Filtering Lenses in San Diego

We at Vision Boutique Optometry are pleased to offer lenses that filter harmful blue light, which can pose a risk to your eye health. If you work at a computer, spend all day on your laptop, or have a serious smartphone habit, you may benefit from our harmful blue light filtering lens options. Learn more about the hidden dangers of blue light and how our optometrists can fit you for lenses that filter harsh blue light.

What is Harmful Blue Light?

The highest energy range in the spectrum of visible light, blue light is emitted from a range of sources. The sun is a natural source of blue light. Modern technologies — including computers, smartphones, CFL bulbs, and LED lighting — have dramatically increased the amount of blue light most people see.

Scientific studies have shown that blue light can cause eye strain, fatigue, and vision loss. Blue light can even disrupt your sleep. If stepping away from computers is not an option, the next best thing you can do to protect your eyes is use computer lenses that filter the blue light.

By filtering blue light, you can enjoy better visual acuity, color perception, and depth perception. Reduced glare from the sun can keep you safe when walking or driving, and blue light filtering of electronics reduces eye fatigue and strain associated with longtime computer use.

To be more comfortable on a daily basis, while also taking the steps you need to protect your overall eye health, our eye doctor recommends that you get fitted for blue light filtering lenses. We are happy to do this during a routine eye exam.

How Our San Diego Optometrist Can Help

At Vision Boutique Optometry, we offer two types of lenses that filter harmful blue light:

  • BlueTech lenses – These unique lenses have filtering built right into the lens. This can be useful if you worry about scratching a protective exterior lens coating and want something that will stand up to wear and tear.
  • TechShield – TechShield is an anti-reflective coating added to lenses that blocks and deflects blue light. Naturally scratch resistance, TechShield lenses reduce glare and come with a two-year unlimited warranty.

Our special computer lenses are clear in color unlike some of the yellow blue light filtering lenses on the market. This allows you to wear them as you would normal eyewear. We are happy to report that we have lenses that filter harsh blue light available in both prescription and non-prescription variety. That’s right, even if you do not need prescription eyewear, you can purchase lenses that filter out blue light.

Visit Your San Diego Eye Care Center!

Would you like to learn more about Bluetech lenses or get fit for a new set of computer eyewear? If so, please contact our eye doctor to set up an appointment and stop feeling eye strain. Contact us at (858) 350-4980.