Is is time for new eyeglasses?

In a world where online shopping is just as common as shopping in brick and mortar stores, buying glasses online seemed to be unlikely, until recently. Companies like Warby Parker and Tortoise and Blonde are working to change that perception with their offers for “$99 complete pairs of glasses” ordered online and delivered right to your door.

So the question is, why would a patient who just had an eye exam still shop in their doctor’s office for their glasses?

First, when you order glasses online you’re missing out on the opportunity to work with a trained optician who can help you find the best style and best fitting glasses. A properly fitting pair of frames is critical to ensuring you can see properly out of your glasses and there’s no one better trained to find a perfectly fitting frame for you than our opticians.

Second, these online discount retailers sell glasses that are just not the same quality as a pair of glasses purchased at Vision Boutique. Consider this: according to the American Optometric Association, half of all pairs of eyeglasses purchased online either fail safety compliance rules or are the incorrect prescription. Read more about the study here.

What does that mean?

If you ordered a pair of glasses with impact resistant lenses, there is a chance those lenses have not gone through the proper safety inspection to certify they are impact resistant. Or, worse yet, the glasses you’re wearing may not even have the prescription your doctor prescribed to you.

Warby Parker states in the FAQ section of their website that they won’t require you to provide a written prescription or even verify that your prescription is correct unless the order is shipping to one of nineteen states that require them to do so.

Your trip to Vision Boutique to get new glasses may take a little longer than shopping online, but we stand behind your new glasses with an iron-clad guarantee. And our guarantee is something that a pair of glasses purchased online just doesn’t have.

Originally posted by: Sally Turkovich Wright, ABOC

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