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Diabetic Eye Care

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Diabetic Retinopathy

Over time, diabetes damages small blood vessels in your retina. Diabetic retinopathy occurs when these tiny blood vessels leak blood and other fluids. This causes the retinal tissue to swell, resulting in cloudy or blurred vision.

In its early stages, diabetic retinopathy may cause no noticeable vision problems. But as the disease progresses, it can lead to severe and permanent vision loss and even blindness.


Dr. Russo is an expert at identifying and managing the potential visual threats caused by diabetes. We utilize the latest in medical technology to ensure that you are carefully evaluated for the potential risks of diabetic retinopathy.

Treatment varies depending on the extent of the disease. In some cases, injections or surgery may be necessary. You can help prevent or slow the development of diabetic retinopathy by getting regular eye exams and successfully managing your blood glucose levels with diet, exercise, and (if necessary) daily medication.

Normal Retina VS Diabetic Retina

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