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"Did you ever stop to think how miraculous the human eye really is? Your eyes capture the beauty of the world, and give you the joys and memories of your life. You want to trust your eyes to an Optometrist who will do everything possible to ensure that you continue to see clearly and comfortably throughout your lifetime. An Optometrist who keeps up with the latest technological breakthroughs, and who is dedicated to continuing education. An Optometrist who always has time to give you personal attention. That is my commitment to you."

Dr. Dale Koers


What's New

My Eye Doctor Prescribed Outdoor Time

Spending Time Outside May Decrease the Risk of Nearsightedness

Is is time for new eyeglasses?

Use caution when buying your next pair of glasses online.

The Hollywood Master Who Painted Angelina Jolie’s Eyes

Visual effects in movies and TV usually involve more than meets the eye. But Cristina Patterson’s work is exactly what meets the eye. She hand-paints designs onto what she calls “a very, very tiny canvas”—a contact lens—to create crazy ocular looks for dozens of genre films. Without Patterson’s lenses, Angelina...

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